BRICS & The Gold Backed Currency Idea

BRICS & The Gold Backed Currency Idea
BRICS & The Gold Backed Currency Idea


Will the Brics launching a gold backed forex be the catalist for bankrupting third world economies? Or is it rising rates of interest on their debt?

Tks for all the sunshine u share in a complicated financial panorama.


ANSWER: It’s unlikely that we’re taking a look at a BRICS single forex just like the euro, for that might require a central financial authority, give up of sovereignty as in Brussels, finish any chance of QE, and many others. We would wish to fully collapse the thought of Keynesian Economics insofar because it has advanced, permitting deficit spending.


There isn’t a particular magic to gold. It was first restricted to solely kings, for it was thought-about to be the tears from the solar god. As extra gold was found, it started for use for the jewellery of rich aristocrats. Then it turned used as cash in its pure kind, generally known as electrum, a pure alloy of gold blended with silver.

Then they refined the gold electrum and created the primary bimetallic coinage round 560 BC. This required a enough provide of gold to create a cash provide. As the amount elevated, the worth of gold declined relative to each silver in addition to commodities typically – inflation.


The actual argument behind gold as a backing is that its amount is proscribed. Nonetheless, over the centuries, the silver/gold ratio has fluctuated wherever from 8:1 to 120:1. From this angle, the true goal right here is to forestall the federal government from creating cash at will. Because of Keynesian Economics, governments have the facility to create cash at will, permitting them to retain energy and exert it of their infinite wars because of the Neocons.

The actual goal right here with the problem of BRICS is that each Russian and China object to the greenback being the reserve forex in the course of geopolitical pressure. But the Biden Administration has undermined every little thing by eradicating Russia from SWIFT. That set in movement the collapse of globalization, and it has proven to the world that the US now controls the SWIFT system, which renders it not politically impartial.

That is the place the IMF is attempting to desperately transfer in for the kill to switch the greenback with their digital digital forex. That is actually no higher as a result of the IMF may even play political video games. Strauss-Kahn was appointed managing director of the IMF on September 28, 2007, with the backing of then–President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. He was arrange, and in New York, they got here up with a maid in a resort who claimed he tried to rape her. They wished to take away him turned he was unbiased. He served in that capability till he was pressured to resign on Could 18, 2011. All the fees had been later dismissed for the shortage of any credibility. But, his alternative was Obama’s good friend Christine Legard, a board member of the financial terrorist group, the World Financial Discussion board. She was put in within the IMF and instantly threatened all of the tax havens to show over all their secret accounts so they might be faraway from SWIFT. She additionally threatened the Vatican.

We’re clearly staring into the eyes of a serious world sovereign debt default. That is additionally why they’re pushing for struggle. They plan on holding one other Bretton Woods II, and the IMF will make its pitch to rule the world. That is all a part of the scheme for this one-world authorities.



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