Rachel Maddow Shatters The GOP’s Limited Government Lie

Rachel Maddow Shatters The GOP’s Limited Government Lie
Rachel Maddow Shatters The GOP’s Limited Government Lie

Rachel Maddow used the transfer by 19 pink state AGs to get the personal medical information of girls who get out-of-state care to shatter the lie that Republicans are the get together of restricted authorities.

Maddow stated:

It’s really 19 totally different states the place Republican officers are going for this now. 19 Republican legal professional generals in 19 states have signed on to a letter to the Biden administration saying they need the appropriate to go after ladies’s personal medical information wherever within the nation, together with in all of the states the place abortion is authorized. They need to observe their residents all around the nation to see if that lady could be getting an abortion or another kind of reproductive care wherever.

They need the information and so they declare the appropriate to go get them. Republican attorneys basic in all of these states have despatched this letter to the Biden administration about their proper as they see it to get your personal medical information. They usually imply it for ladies getting an abortion, fertility therapy, or any sort of reproductive care. Doubtlessly contraception. Additionally gender-affirming care of any sort. They declare the appropriate to take your medical information to see what you’re as much as irrespective of the place you’ve gone to get it.

How will you get away from one thing like this? If that is what they are saying they need to do, and it’s, how do you get away from it? The rationale they’ve written to the Biden administration saying they declare this proper is as a result of the Biden administration says they need to not have the appropriate to do that. The Biden administration is attempting to say federally that attorneys basic from states the place abortion is banned can’t observe their residents to different states to see in the event that they’re getting banned care from someplace the place it she authorized. Past these efforts to guard this on the federal stage from the Biden administration, you’ve began to see blue states. Locations like New York and Washington state which have passed state laws saying that no person ought to have the ability to get personal medical information like this. Simply since you’ve banned abortion inc your state doesn’t imply you’ll be able to successfully implement it in mine. Right here’s 19 Republican states, 19 Republican state attorneys basic saying they’re going for it. And perhaps they already are.

They used to say the Republican Celebration was the get together of restricted authorities. It is a lot of issues however this isn’t that.



Republicans Are No Longer The Celebration Of Restricted Authorities

It have to be understood that what Republicans are doing doesn’t solely impression ladies or trans individuals. The change in Republican philosophy is an abandonment of the notion of non-public liberty in favor of massive authorities management by the state.

Through the Chilly Conflict, this could be the kind of story that was instructed about communism and the USSR. Republicans of 20, 30, or 40 years in the past would have been appalled at using state energy to run the lives of personal residents.

Going again to the republic’s founding, the hazard of traces being crossed by the state seizing private liberties was at all times identified and warned about.

It begins with trans individuals, or perhaps ladies who search out-of-state reproductive care, however that’s not the place it’s going to cease. A lack of private liberty and privateness for one is a loss for all.

Republicans are the get together of massive authorities authoritarianism.

It is Democrats who are the party of personal freedom and liberty.

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