The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law

The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law
The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law

I hear Trump is to be arraigned, this time the primary with a mugshot that may actually go viral worldwide, on Aug. twenty fifth. That is instantly after the BRICS summit on Aug, 22-24 with discussions of a brand new non-dollar buying and selling forex. I can’t imagine these lunatics are going to show to the world America is now a banana republic at such a vital juncture of time. They only can’t assist themselves can they? Your De-Dollarization report launched this month couldn’t have been timed higher.

Regards, Rob

REPLY: Our pc had this week for a Directional Change and subsequent week as a goal for a turning level. Then now we have a Panic Cycle the week of September twenty fifth. Our February Month-to-month AI Timing Array, revealed on the non-public weblog, confirmed that August was a key turning level. There was a Course Change in April and a Could low. June all of the sudden rallied and closed above the Could excessive. August has been a key goal, and the volatility will rise afterward.

We now have a extreme Constitutional Disaster. All of those prosecutions in opposition to Trump are to intervene with the 2024 election, which violates everybody’s constitutional rights. However worse nonetheless, they’ve all coordinated their assaults and conspired collectively. That is destroying our authorized system. It will now be unrestrained concerning the authorized system, for Republican prosecutors at the moment are free to indict Hillary, Pelosi, and down the road. State prosecutors can now indict all of the Democrats, and the DOJ, firmly in charge of the Neocons, can not order a state prosecutor to face down. All of those indictments in opposition to Trump when he’s the lead candidate for the 2024 election indicators to the complete world that that is the tip of america experiment in Liberty & Justice for All. It’s simply throughout. The abuse of the legislation is not going to grow to be a free-for-all. Mark Meadows has already moved to switch the case from the loopy prosecutor to a federal courtroom.

The intent expressly acknowledged within the Structure acknowledged that there might be a scenario the place they might cost a Senator of Congressman are stop them from voting with a view to go an unpopular invoice. Even the founding fathers by no means anticipated that they might use the legislation to stop somebody from operating for workplace. This violated everyone on this nation’s elementary substantive due technique of legislation.

U.S. Structure Article I. Legislative Department Part VI Clause I

The Senators and Representatives shall obtain a Compensation for his or her Companies, to be ascertained by Legislation, and paid out of the Treasury of america. They shall in all Instances, besides Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest throughout their Attendance on the Session of their respective Homes, and in going to and getting back from the identical; and for any Speech or Debate in both Home, they shall not be questioned in another Place.

There may be such a factor because the Supervisory Energy of the Supreme Courtroom. As a result of Trump is now charged in three separate states, plus the infamous District of Columbia, this requires a petition on to the Supreme Courtroom below their Supervisory Energy as a result of every courtroom pretends that Trump shouldn’t be the main candidate. Right here now we have this ethically corrupt decide in DC who refuses to even acknowledge that Trump was the president calling him Mr. Trump in courtroom. This demonstrates her bias.

Earlier than Justice Marrett joined the Supreme Courtroom, we commented on the Supervisory energy of the Supreme Cout.

The Supervisory Power of the Supreme Court


The Supreme Courtroom’s relationship to inferior federal courts shouldn’t be a matter on which the Courtroom sometimes displays in any depth. Nonetheless,
the Courtroom in Dickerson lately expressed nice confidence in a minimum of one facet of that relationship: its authority over inferior federal courtroom
process, even exterior the confines of the statutorily approved federal rulemaking course of. As Dickerson suggests, the concept the Supreme
Courtroom possesses supervisory authority over inferior courtroom process is properly
entrenched in its instances.

Dickerson v. United States 530 U.S. 428, 437 (2000)

Every of those courts is out to intervene with the 2024 election. The prosecutors have coordinated these indictments, and as such, they’ve CONSPIRED in opposition to all of the civil rights of each individual in america. I’m NOT scripting this as a Trump supporter. If the Republicans did this to a Democratic candidate, the legislation can be the identical. I worry that this has now grow to be the NORM, and as such, NO moral individual will ever dare attempt to run for workplace if his household is assaulted, and he can be criminally charged for nonsense. EVERY Democrat in Congress ought to now demand that Biden pardon Trump, for if they don’t, america will likely be torn aside.

On June 25, 2020, BEFORE the election, we posted that the election can be manipulated and that Trump ought to have received, however our pc was warning he would in all probability lose. I warned that historians recorded that the election of 53 BC in Rome was so corrupt that every one the bribing obtained so out of hand that rates of interest just about doubled to pay all of the bribes. Provided that rates of interest earlier than the election of 53 BC had stood at 4% and in post-election years 8%. That corruption undermined the financial system, and rates of interest rose additional in the course of the peak of hypothesis earlier than the crash stood at 12%. It was a Debt Crisis that pressured Julius Caesar to cross the Rubicon in 49 BC – not a thirst for energy. The individuals cheered Caesar, and it was the senators who fled Rome and ran to Asia, for the individuals wouldn’t help them. The adverse picture of Caesar was faux information spun by Cicero, who was solely of the corrupt oligarchs. I wrote for the conclusion of that June twenty fifth, 2020 publish:

“So buckle up. The election of 2020 goes to be essentially the most corrupt, manipulated, and outright fraudulent election in American historical past. There’s a lot at stake. This can be a main effort by Marxists to take management. The election of 53 BC was the precursor to civil unrest which started simply 3.14 years later when Julius Caesar (100-44BC) crossed the Rubicon on January 10-11, 49 BC. Curiously sufficient, will probably be 4 years to the height of this Financial Confidence Mannequin – 2024.”

We is not going to even make it to the November 2024 elections. This corruption will result in a flip in the complete world financial system post-Could 7/eighth, 2024. The 2020 election befell on November third, 2020 (2020.841). Our Rubicon might very properly be 2023.981 – December twenty fourth. Maybe this will likely be our political Christmas reward to the world so that they see America as not a lot totally different than a banana republic.

In 1985, we took the again cowl of the Economist for 3 weeks in July. We introduced the height within the greenback and the tip of deflation. Our AI pc, which has the logest observe file of something on the earth, was appropriate then, and we forecasted the Age of the Takeover Growth.

We revealed these charts again then, demonstrating that the US share market was grossly undervalued. The low within the ebook worth from the Nice Melancholy occurred in 1977. You could possibly purchase an organization, promote its property, and triple your cash. We had forecast that the Dow would rise from 1,000 to six,000 and plenty of thought we had been nuts again then.

Sure, we attracted the takeover gamers who used our mannequin to make some huge cash. Alan Bond used it to create Bond College in Australia.

The purpose right here is easy. I’ve warned that our pc has been so adverse on the 2024 election even Zero Hedge reported that I used to be warning ““We might not even have an election in 2024…”


Our pc projected that Trump would win the 2016 election in opposition to all of the biased polls. Three out of 4 of our fashions’ projected that Trump would win, and one was a tie.

Our pc was the ONLY forecast that Nigel Farage would win with BREXIT. Nigel got here and spoke at our Rome WEC in 2019 and mentioned simply that – we had been the one ones to forecast his victory. He needed to come as a result of we had been the choice to Davos.


Once we take a look at the pc forecast for the favored vote for 2020 in comparison with 2024, now we have warned that the 2020 election can be very shut. Our six mannequin group was break up 50/50 for the 2020 election. Now turning to the 2024 election, now we have 4 fashions projecting a Republican win, however take a look at two of the projections – 61% and 59%. That is completely unbelievable. The one such victory that reached 61% was that of 1920 and FDR in 1936, which is eerily related.

To Jucoicial Watch – in case you are actually serious about defending the Structure, I urge you to petition the Supreme Courtroom below its Supervisory Energy to intervene since now we have 4 proceedings intending to stop Trump from being elected. The Neocons KNOW they’re in bother, and if Trump received, he now is aware of the identical, and he would drain the Swamop this time.

The Neocons MUST cease Trump in any respect prices, for they intend to create World Battle III.

  There’ll NEVER be a Truthful Election Ever Once more!

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