Zelensky The War Criminal | Armstrong Economics

Zelensky The War Criminal | Armstrong Economics
Zelensky The War Criminal | Armstrong Economics

The worldwide age limitation on navy drafts is mostly 18 years or older. Canada and Australia put it at 17 years outdated. Zelensky has imposed two decrees which prohibit the departure of youngsters aged 16-17 from the nation, successfully turning Ukraine into a jail camp. Over 8 million Ukrainians have fled from this tyrant. He has burned via the adults in his military. As an alternative of entertaining any thought of peace or simply permitting the Donbas to vote peacefully as he pretends to defend Democracy, Zelensky has turned to mobilizing the youngsters so he doesn’t must admit he’s unsuitable. Zelensky is in good firm. Time Journal additionally named Hitler and Stalin, twice in 1940 & 1943, all Males of the Yr.


With a second decree, Zelensky tightened the conscription coverage and never simply drafted kids underneath 18 but in addition disregarded whether or not they have been match or not for navy service. On Zelensky’s orders, he’s now taking kids by pressure. He refuses to think about the inhabitants of Ukraine however prefers to solely discuss how nice it is going to be for traders to purchase Ukraine since he’s killing off the inhabitants. He refuses to barter and appears to be deliberately turning the folks towards him personally.

There are lots of Ukrainians who’re beginning to see the sunshine that their enemy is Zelensky – not Putin. The day earlier than the invasion, he advised the press that Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons. That was the ultimate straw; Putin even stated that in his speech to the nation as the rationale to invade, the identical because the US concern over Cuba again in 1962.

Even the pro-Ukraine Washington Publish, which might love World Battle III to promote extra papers, reported that Zelensky knew when Russia would invade and didn’t warn his folks due to cash. “If we had communicated that … then I’d have been shedding $7 billion a month since final October, and in the meanwhile when the Russians did assault, they’d have taken us in three days,” Zelensky stated.

If Zelensky is assassinated, the West will blame Russia. There’s way more incentive to kill this high-heel faux head of state from contained in the ranks of Ukraine for destroying their nation, all on the orders of the Neocons for a strip of land that has been the house of Russians for a whole lot of years. Russia did NOT invade Ukraine; it got here to help the Donbas, which was purported to have a democratic proper to vote on their separation underneath the Minsk Settlement. Why ought to China, Russia, or any nation belief the EU and the US ever once more when they don’t honor agreements?



The lies are simply excessive. Ukraine was free. Simply honor the Minsk Settlement; the Ukrainians had their first nation in historical past. However no! Zelensky is lining his pockets whereas pretending he was preventing for freedom and demonocracy when that was secured underneath the Minsk Settlement. That is taking place in historical past alongside the weapon of mass destruction. The Neocons additionally bullshitted the world for one more certainly one of their infinite wars they by no means win. These individuals are the true warfare criminals. They begin wars all for his or her deranged view of hatred.

Zelensky has carried out nothing however attempt to drag the whole world into his warfare towards Russia. And for what? A territorial seize the place Ukrainian have by no means lived? Any politician who helps Ukraine and this deliberate try and create World Battle III needs to be barred from ever holding any public workplace, together with a canine catcher or a sanitation employee cleansing bogs.



He desires to kill off our American kids now so he can create the most important funding challenge with Blackrock – actual blood cash. Personally, I’d not advise anybody who places cash in Blackrock. They need to take a gun, go to Ukraine, and combat like they need everybody else to take action they’ll make their subsequent huge revenue over the blood of our kids. Pure evil scum! I’d not make investments with any agency seeking to do enterprise in Ukraine.

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